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    REAL ALES V=Vegan GF=Gluten-Free 
  1Adnams Sloe Storm4.0%₤ 3.00
  2Ampersand ESB V4.6%₤ 3.40
  3Blimey Son of Paleface4.0%₤ 3.00
  4Boudicca 3 Tails Bitter V GF3.9%₤ 3.00
  5Boudicca Red Queen V4.5%₤ 3.40
  6Bull of the Woods Vapour Trail4.3%₤ 3.40
  7Bull of the Woods Twisted Wheel4.5%₤ 3.40
  8Calvors Pale Ale3.8%₤ 3.00
  9Cliff Quay Screaming 50s5.0%₤ 3.60
  10Earl Soham Albert4.4%₤ 3.40
  11Fat Cat Milk Stout4.5%₤ 3.40
  12Golden Triangle Hop Lobster5.5%₤ 3.60
  13Grain S.M.A.S.H4.0%₤ 3.00
  14Green Dragon Gold4.4%₤ 3.00
  15Green Jack Jackalope3.8%₤ 3.00
  16Green Jack Old Cock4.4%₤ 3.40
  17Green Jack Gone Fishing5.5%₤ 3.60
  18Green Jack Ripper8.5%₤ 4.00
  19Humpty Dumpty Emerald IPA5.5%₤ 3.60
    REAL ALES V=Vegan GF=Gluten-Free 
  20Lacons Old4.1%₤ 3.00
  21Mr.Bees Pollen Power3.8%₤ 3.00
  22Nethergate Suffolk County4.0%₤ 3.00
  23Opa Hays Armistice Ale6.5%₤ 3.60
  24Panther Winter Porter5.0%₤ 3.60
  25Peoples Brewery Norfolk Cascade4.5%₤ 3.40
  26St.Peters Golden Ale4.0%₤ 3.00
  27Wildcraft Wild Stallion V GF4.5%₤ 3.40
  28Winters POPA3.8%₤ 3.00
  29Wolf Battle of Britain3.9%₤ 3.00
  30Woodfordes Tundra White IPA4.6%₤ 3.40
  Calvors Premium 50 Litre V5.0%₤ 3.60
  Harleston Cider Co Rawcide V GF6.0%₤ 3.60
  Harleston Cider Co Ciderlite V GF4.0%₤ 3.40
  Aspall Cyderkyn V GF3.8%₤ 3.40
  Burnard Cor Blimey V GF4.8%₤ 3.40
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